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Ausschreibung   Ausschreibung Region Bundesgebiet gesamt für E-Learning und IT-Schulungen

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ECOWAS Training Unit
"Advising the ECOWAS Commission on Organisational Development" ECOWAS Training Unit
Beschreibung der Beschaffung
(Art und Umfang der Bauarbeiten, Lieferungen oder Dienstleistungen bzw. Angabe der Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen)
The work of the service provider will take place from March 2020 to August 2021 and is primarily intended to support Output 3
of the overall project. Output 3 provides a coordinated contribution to the strategic skills development of those working in the
Commission. This output aims to increase the capacity to better support the core processes of the ECOWAS Commission and
to provide trainings relevant for the achievement of the EU 9 Pillars Assessment, which the ECOWAS Commission is preparing
to pass in the next two years.
Output 3: The capacity to better support the core processes of the ECOWAS Commission is increased.
1. 100 ECOWAS employees (including 40 women) have uniform knowledge of the ECOWAS management model, a serviceoriented
organisational culture and gender mainstreaming.
2. A cross-departmental agreement for a results-oriented cooperation of the service units in supporting the core processes of a
training unit was adopted by the ECOWAS Commission
The contractor will be responsible for delivering services in the following areas of action:
- Addressing the challenges of working in a regional organisation in Africa (e.g., ECOWAS, UEMOA, AU, SADC), based on the
bidder"s previous experience working in this region and context
- Establishing a training unit within the ECOWAS Commission (to be housed within the HR department and consist of one
professional-level staff and one administrative staff - tentative hiring date 2021). Because HR has not yet hired a training
officer, the provider will be responsible for establishing the training unit within the HR structure, then handing it over to the
training officer (once hired).
- Promoting the organisational development needed to ensure the success of the training unit and training portfolio
This task includes positioning the training unit and portfolio so that they support an overall, coherent organisational culture at
ECOWAS, keeping in mind the ongoing institutional reforms. The provider will also be responsible for ensuring a broad base
of support for the training unit across the organisation.
- Creating and implementing a training portfolio for ECOWAS staff and managers
Most courses will be offered in Abuja, but some should be offered in Lagos and Lomé, and include participants from other
ECOWAS institutions and agencies. The provider is responsible for creating written training materials in English, French, and
The provider should also help to recruit and train internal trainers from ECOWAS to deliver training.
Examples of training topics include (but are not limited to) the following:
- Onboarding for new staff
- Integrity and compliance (needed for the EU pillars assessment)
- The results-based management model of ECOWAS
- Strategic planning, budgeting and financial management
- SAP training on internal SAP processes
- Gender mainstreaming
- Change management
- Addressing training requirements of staff to pass the EU nine pillars assessment
Because organisational factors play a key role in the success of any training programme, the provider will be responsible not
only for designing and implementing a training unit and training portfolio for the ECOWAS Commission, but also for providing
consulting on organisational development (OD) in the context of working in a regional organisation in Africa. Training will
succeed only through achieving positive changes in the organisational culture and by embedding training effectively within this
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