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PaaS hosting solution for Drupal based Community Platform
PaaS hosting solution for Drupal based Community Platform

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Titel PaaS hosting solution for Drupal based Community Platform

Beschreibung PaaS hosting solution for Drupal based Community Platform

ausf. Beschreibung Connections is an online area which aims to facilitate the EIT Health’s network ability to innovate together. It

should drive and strengthen EIT Health’s connected culture. It is an interactive area for partners to access vital

part of their membership, enabling them to: discuss future projects, exchange learnings and insights, and be a

part of the vibrant EIT Health network. It is also a space to find vital partnership and Business Plan process

information (legal, administrative, financial) and other useful guidance content. Additionally, Connections is a

perfect space to access other membership benefits, such as training availability (both content housed on

Connections as well as signposts to content on the website), member-only content (such as from ThoughtLeadership, e.g. local Think Tank Round Tables), and community events etc. EIT Health is a maturing

organisation. Following a review of our key operational platforms and business processes, we have concluded

that we need a powerful Community Platform for our partners. This is needed to effectively promote

connections, interactions & collaboration between our network of partner organisations.

There is a current solution, launched in 2016 on Liferay 7.x, known internally as EIT Health Connections. The

users of the platform are limited to EIT Health staff and the Partner network. Using the platform is a requirement

for partners, as it is an information repository for Business Proposals (BP) process information. Our vision is to

make the platform a destination of choice as well as necessity. Based on research conducted by our

Communications agency, there are difficulties with usability and search features acting as barriers to use. This

results in demotivated users and low usage by our primary audience, the partners.

The current platform has 5000 unique users, with an estimate of 2000 unique page views per month. The

majority of views are in two sections guidance>views and guidance>files.

2.2 Platform Replacement

In 2019 EIT Health together with its Communications agency did an evaluation of the current platform and

discovered that adoption was not as high as desired. Therefore, the decision was made to do a relaunch of the

entire platform.

The vision for the relaunch of Connections is to design and implement a platform which is easy to use , and

easy to find the right information in order for Partners to fulfil their and EIT Health’s primary aim of being part of

an innovation community. We aim to Include features and content which encourage platform usage, increasing

the frequency of usage. These features and content streams should add value to partners and help them get

the most out of their membership.

To achieve these aims we intend to leverage content tagging, advanced analytics and to drive dynamic content

to partners. We aim to remove the barriers to engagement, and encourage active debate and collaboration,

using our own thought leadership content, and partner contributed items which can include articles, videos and

presentations. We therefore initiated procurement for a Community Platform to replace our existing

Connections platform. The desired platform will be Drupal based, and will require a high availability hosting

solution, which can deliver 99.95% application uptime for our users.

Therefore, EIT Health seeks to award a service contract for an experienced economic operator with experience

hosting a Drupal based Community Platform. Given market analysis and internal analysis, we envision the

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maximum contract value of the services as described in section 3 shall not exceed EUR¤26,000 per annum

over 3 years (VAT incl.).

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