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Consulting von Prokura A/S

Produkt / Dienstleistung für die Kategorie Consulting in Fragen der Unternehmensorganisation

Experts in procurement and supply chain


At Prokura, we specialize in creating measurable and sustainable results by optimizing procurement and supply chain for our clients. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of skills and we have developed a number of our own tools and methods. These include; diagnostics and optimization potential assessment, development of strategies and objectives and optimization of organizations, systems and processes.

When you want to optimize procurement and supply chain in an organization, it is important to have a clear understanding of the baseline.  A typical optimization process with Prokura often starts with a diagnostic of the organization’s purchasing and supply chain processes. An assessment is made of the challenges and optimization potential within the organization.

We have developed our own specialized range of analytical tools for both purchasing and supply chain. Here is a brief introduction to our methods, but you are always welcome contact us for more information.

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