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Gas Detection System von PetroServices GmbH

Produkt / Dienstleistung für die Kategorie CO-2 Ampeln


Dual channel FID gas chromatgraph and total gas.

GC C1-C5  P/N 030-01-002-0269

GC C1-C8  P/N 030-01-188-3253

GC C1-C10 P/N 030-01-185-3210

Rack mounted GC is designed to mount in 19" shelf-equipped racks. This GC is equipped with a packed column and back flush facilities which guarantee an accurate and quick HC analysis.

The GC front Panel allows monitoring gas pressures, detector parameters,and column oven temperatures.

It has three gas pressure (EPC) control zones, seven detector parameter control zones (FID igniter, PID lamp current, etc), and five temperature control zones. Each control zone is adjusted by a trim pot, located on the front edge of the top panel (immediately behind the front control panel).

 Gas Detection System Gas Detection System Gas Detection System | PetroServices GmbH - Bauportal Deutschland  

Gas Detection System 


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